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If you are unsure about

  • starting coaching with anyone

  • starting coaching with me

 Read on

Are you are unsure whether coaching is right for you right now?

I get it.

I have been a coaching client myself in the past, long before I started coaching others.

It can be daunting knowing you will have to commit precious time and hard earned money to the process without any guarantees of success.

You are, however, the one who is in most control of whether success on your own terms comes to fruition.

If you have been feeling stuck for some time, or feel you want to be doing great work and despite trying something just isn’t quite as right as you like, using a coach can offer these boosts:

  • being able to draw on years of someone else’s life experience
  • using their knowledge of working in a variety of roles and industries, in a range of locations and dealing with a vast range of personalities
  • know that their own learning from a range of self-development books is like having a mini library of lessons to learn from
  • trust in the knowledge they are qualified and have a code of ethics to follow which strongly protects confidentiality (as well as following national and EU rules on data protection, privacy etc)

All the above and so much more will help you shine a light on where you feel stuck, and will provide you with fresh perspectives.

Are you unsure whether to start being coached by me?

I am currently new to the fine country of Ireland since late 2021, and currently hardly anyone knows me – I am completely upfront about this.  Testimonials are available on request from my previous UK based coaching business pre-relocation to Ireland (est 2016-2021).

Naturally, I look forward to working together but I hate the hard sell from anyone and absolutely won’t apply such methods to sign up clients if it doesn’t feel like:

  • we click
  • the best solutions you need right now aren’t what I can provide.

For example, some people looking for business coaching want to focus purely on implementing the correct systems and processes. That’s something I can do as part of my work – I have previously been PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified, and have been at the forefront of a number of IT system implementations in the past. This isn’t my primary focus in Scéal Nua Coaching.

This business is about humans, communication, creative and visionary thinking, planning, and action.

The best way to feel more comfortable about whether I am right for you is to simply book a call with me.

Ask me all the questions you like about who I am, why and how I coach and whether I am the best person to help guide you to creating the next chapter in your life.

Portrait photo of Joe Hendley, owner of Scéal Nua / New Story Coaching. Based in Mayo, available across Ireland, UK & beyond
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Paint a picture of your personality


Book a free discovery call

I care about your success

Starting and enduring life coaching can provide many positive, encouraging and life changing results – otherwise why do it?

It does take an amount of time, mental effort and emotional energy in enacting change. During the process of starting a new story for your self, you may strive, stumble, fail at times.  It can be disheartening, but we will strategize and build a bespoke action plan together. I will guide you to guide yourself to attain the results you want to achieve in your personal and professional life.

Are you ready to commit to those changes?

Man celebrating in finding new a new path to success with coaching by Scéal Nua Joe Hendley coaching, Mayo + Galway coaching


A step by step guide to working with me


Every good story starts with a call to action. Naturally I need to understand your story and why you want a change


We will create a tailored plan to achieve the results you desire


Over the course of our agreed time together, you will learn how to unlock your own potential


Even once you feel you’ve learned enough, you can receive ongoing support for new challenges

Man enjoying freedom to find their own path after successful coaching while resting on a sunny mountainside

Things to ask in hiring me

Do we click?

The perfect life coach is only perfect for those they connect on an empathetic level with good chemistry and candour. Not every coach is for everyone.
To get the best results for your time, effort and money it is imperative you feel comfortable discussing potentially sensitive, personal, private subjects. Otherwise it runs the risk of reinforcing the challenges you are facing which is no good for anyone.

Are you ready? Are you serious about making your desired changes?

Change takes effort and it never goes according to plan.
There will be times when plans don’t go, well, according to plan. One of my roles once hired by you is to help you work out ways in which to overcome those failures and to become more confident and resilient in dealing with obstacles.

Can you make the time and effort on a weekly and daily basis to make real discernible changes to your life?

You have to find time out of your daily life in to commit to change your quality of life – depending on your own personal circumstances this can in itself prove to be difficult, but if you want to realise you goals, something has to change. Ideally, those around you will support be able to give you the freedom to take steps to implement your plan of action.

The period of time we will work together depends mostly on you and your goals. I find most life coaching clients will work with me for two to three months. It is possible to realise change within a month, and 6 months for most individual coaching clients tends to feel too long. As with everything, it depends on your personal circumstances.