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Individual coaching

Creative Coaching with Compassion & Empathy for Yourself and Others

Explore your unique strengths, dismantle your personal barriers and take your next steps with confidence

From designing a tailored plan specific to your goals through to providing ongoing support once our initial time together has come to an end, I want to help you to achieve and will support you every step of the way.

You will receive a full Lumina Spark Portrait document as part of choosing to work with me.  A highly colourful picture of your personal communication preferences and behaviours which gives insight into how you change depending on your environment:

  • Underlying (your super relaxed, “Zen” mode)
  • Everyday (in work and life)
  • Over-extended (think of this as stressed, crisis mode)

This in itself can uncover a range of subconscious experiences. You may be suppressing some natural talents, or you may feel you are “faking it to make it” within work and maybe even life at home.

Along with this deeply insightful look at how you are, you will have weekly sessions with me in person or online as you wish.

On offer is not simply “life” coaching

It’s impossible to separate life from work and often difficult to leave work out of life.

What I offer is a hybrid blend of coaching to ensure you get what you want from working with me.

Our work together will not be limited to scheduled sessions. You will be able to contact me as and when you wish to discuss any more immediate relevant challenges.

You will leave with self-sustainable tools to use to achieve your goals. What I don’t want is for you to feel inspired to make change in sessions only to stumble over obstacles back in your world and feel frustrated.

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Lumina Spark Portrait

Paint a picture of your personality


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Reasons to consider hiring a life coach

Is life coaching for me?

Life coaching isn’t for everyone.

If you have ever had any of the following thoughts, or similar, then life coaching will be of value to you:

    • Maybe you want to start your own business, find paying clients and not be under the rules of an employer
    • Maybe you want to change careers or get a promotion and feel you need to build confidence in your abilities
    • Maybe you simply feel there could be a better way of living
    • You are always looking to learn more to improve in some way – yourself, your behaviours, your understanding of others, communicating with them

Why hire a coach since it costs time, energy and money?

Coaching techniques like active, deep listening skills, the ability to ask relevant powerful questions, and guiding people in the process of finding their own answers (ie Client led) can look like “nothing much”.

Each of these is a skill, with vast theory, years of research, and self-practice behind it. As your professional life coach I play multiple roles in helping you attain your life goals: guiding you to discover your best self, acting as mentor to see your outlook on life with different perspective to those around you, motivator, accountability partner and life strategist. The effectiveness and dedication that I bring to helping you quickly achieve your life goals emphasises the idea that you are investing in yourself, in your own success on your own terms.

It is my responsibility to engage you with empathetic, compassionate yet powerful questions – a key part of what I do has always been an ability to ask the questions others are often afraid to ask at the right time, in the right way so as not to unnerve my clients. A delicate balance between getting to the root of a problem without triggering sensitivities. I fully believe I work well with those people who identify as being non-neurotypical is due to my ability to ask questions which have an alternative perspective and insight that other coaches may miss.

The answers and insights you respond with will help me to help you in your personal life and may change your entire life.


One important concept to note here:  No professional coach will ever tell you what to do in an authoritative, micro-managing manner.  Our role is to guide but it is the client who leads the sessions (aka “Client led coaching”)


Although most coaches will focus on your future and not dwell on your past, your past has shaped you into who you are now. Trying to deny the way in which your past experiences have influences on you now will only lead to further suppression and inevitably more stress. I can draw on my own experiences in dealing with mental health issues* to help you understand and integrate those experiences in more healthy manner that serves to build more sustainable and resilient behaviours.

* please note that coaching is not therapy (see below). Although I am a qualified NLP Practitioner, and some tools I have used with previous clients have had immediate, long term positive impacts on their lives to help understand and reframe life events, I am not a qualified psychotherapist.

I follow the code of conduct and ethics as defined by the Association of NLP, plus absolutely respect the utmost need for strict confidentiality and “safe space” discussions. If any signs arise that may affect the safety of yourself, or anyone else, I will respect my own qualified boundaries and suggest strongly you seek relevant therapy from mental health professionals for those issues.

Signs you might consider hiring a life coach

If you find yourself dealing with any of these concerns in your daily life

    • Persistent irrational moments of irritability
    • High stress or anxiety
    • You don’t know where to start
    • You get in your own way – the inner critic (or “inner saboteur” has a good grip on your success)
    • Feeling consistently stagnated or bored
    • Blocked creativity (thinking, writing, videos, art, music etc)
    • Fed up of fighting with your inner perfectionist
    • Lack of contentment with social life
    • Dissatisfactions at work
    • Inability to break bad habits
    • Inability to maintain focus and accomplish tasks
    • You struggle to follow through on goals or with accountability
    • Frustrated with how things are in your life


A short list of benefits of Life Coaching

The positive impact of coaching is subjective. There have been studies, however, which have demonstrated life coaching can be beneficial in a range of areas such as:

    • Reduction in procrastination and improving successful goal attainment (1)
    • Improvement of self-efficacy and self-empowerment (2)
    • Improvements in personal insight and self-reflection (reflexivity) (3)

Note: A question ask when hiring a life coach – can they and will they happily validate their claims with peer-reviewed research papers?


Another concept to consider:  Coaching can also help you develop a better relationship with your friends and family.

Although you may reach out to friends, family, colleagues they may not have the time or energy to help hold you accountable to work towards your goals. Yes, they may love us, but how many of them are trained to set aside their own wants, needs and opinions in order to create the conditions for another person to achieve their own success?

This is what’s known as “holding space”, and it’s both an art and a science – not something most people are born knowing how to do without hours, days, years of training. Your coach does this for all their clients.

Choosing to work with a coach takes the weight of responsibility for your success off friends and family, which, in turn can improve the relationships you have with them. Having a safe space in which to offload your frustrations and talk through options with a coach who’s dedicated to your success and has active listening skills



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I care about your success

Starting and enduring life coaching can provide many positive, encouraging and life changing results – otherwise why do it?

It does take an amount of time, mental effort and emotional energy in enacting change. During the process of starting a new story for your self, you may strive, stumble, fail at times.  It can be disheartening, but we will strategize and build a bespoke action plan together. I will guide you to guide yourself to attain the results you want to achieve in your personal and professional life.

Are you ready to commit to those changes?

Man celebrating in finding new a new path to success with coaching by Scéal Nua Joe Hendley coaching, Mayo + Galway coaching


A step by step guide to working with me


Every good story starts with a call to action. Naturally I need to understand your story and why you want a change


We will create a tailored plan to achieve the results you desire


Over the course of our agreed time together, you will learn how to unlock your own potential


Even once you feel you’ve learned enough, you can receive ongoing support for new challenges

Man enjoying freedom to find their own path after successful coaching while resting on a sunny mountainside

Things to ask in hiring me

Do we click?

The perfect life coach is only perfect for those they connect on an empathetic level with good chemistry and candour. Not every coach is for everyone.
To get the best results for your time, effort and money it is imperative you feel comfortable discussing potentially sensitive, personal, private subjects. Otherwise it runs the risk of reinforcing the challenges you are facing which is no good for anyone.

Are you ready? Are you serious about making your desired changes?

Change takes effort and it never goes according to plan.
There will be times when plans don’t go, well, according to plan. One of my roles once hired by you is to help you work out ways in which to overcome those failures and to become more confident and resilient in dealing with obstacles.

Can you make the time and effort on a weekly and daily basis to make real discernible changes to your life?

You have to find time out of your daily life in to commit to change your quality of life – depending on your own personal circumstances this can in itself prove to be difficult, but if you want to realise you goals, something has to change. Ideally, those around you will support be able to give you the freedom to take steps to implement your plan of action.

The period of time we will work together depends mostly on you and your goals. I find most life coaching clients will work with me for two to three months. It is possible to realise change within a month, and 6 months for most individual coaching clients tends to feel too long. As with everything, it depends on your personal circumstances.

Is life coaching like therapy?

In short: No

There are some stark and very important differences between the two, such as:

Life coaching

Therapy with Mental Health Professionals

Does not diagnose a clientDiagnoses and treats clients from a healthcare perspective
Identifies and describes current problematic behavioursAnalyses their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviours**
Works on “how” to work toward a goalFocuses on “why” specific behavioural patterns occur
Focuses on an individual’s actions and results by measuring a client’s success with milestones and goals Helps clients examine and recognise their subconscious and unconscious mind to learn about the pattern and reasoning of their behaviours
Works on improving behaviour and communication skillsHelp the client to recover from past traumas
Can support a client in achieving a healthy work/life balanceWorks through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or at work
Helps a client out who has started a new business or is growing a businessHelps the client to survive a divorce or to cope with grief after the loss of a loved one

** (As an NLP Practitioner, I am able to do a “lite” version of this but will recommend you onto to other more qualified therapists if/when necessary)

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