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Scéal Nua is Irish for “New Story”. I live in one of the largest Irish Gaelic speaking regions in the country (aka “Gaeltacht” and wanted to honour the interesting language even though I barely speak it myself)

Keywords of my own personal values to lead how I prefer to work: Quiet, Introversion, observant, analytical, sensitive. I have a love of the unknown in which to create solutions to life’s challenges, of learning and exploration. Autonomy, independence, agency are important to me, hence being self-employed. Its challenges are numerous but having a positive impact on others lives is deeply rewarding.

I am by nature someone who likes his own space and own company (in both senses) and I very much love living in a semi-rural space immersed in greenery and peace.

In June 2023 I launched a page on Substack called The Hermit Coach as a nod to my own life preferences. There you will find a range of articles not just on coaching, but also subjects from the values around using AI, the coaching industry, concepts important in running a business of any size, and on the healthy use of technology.

Taking a leaf from my family’s values, I feel a amount of humility plays a crucial role in business as much as in life.

Ethics and respect, especially for confidentiality is of the utmost importance in creating a sense of “safe space” when working with clients. I follow the ANLP code of ethics in my coaching work.

For details about when, where and how the services are delivered, head on over to my service delivery page

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Notepad and pencil. A brief bio of Joe Hendley, owner of Scéal Nua Coaching, based in Mayo, Ireland

A brief bio

My own background spans 9+ years in IT Tech Support, network admin and project management primarily within the UK’s public services sector. After that era, I spent time in Sales & Account Management, then I started self-employed coaching career in 2016 in the UK before moving to rural Ireland (Tourmakeady, Co Mayo to be more precise) in late 2021.

I self-funded practitioner certificates in Lumina Learning’s personality portraits for individuals (Lumina Spark), people in leadership positions, those in Sales, and finally to create “team personality” portraits. I also undertook a full year of Sandler Sales training in 2016, and became a qualified NLP Practitioner in the same year. I also completed a degree in International Relations with Chinese (2:1 class degree) from Nottingham Trent University (2012)

In the midst of all that, from about 2007 to 2012, I travelled and have spent 6-13 months in each of South Korea (near Seoul), eastern Canada (Toronto), south western China (Kunming).

As I finally put roots into a new life in rural Ireland, I am focusing on my coaching and writing work. In time I plan to offer coaching retreats. I also have numerous projects around developing sustainable self-sufficiency, including: planting for food, colour and support of the ecosystem; saving towards renewable energy supply and heating/insulation upgrades. This is why I feel it’s important to donate a portion of the business’ revenue to Stripe’s Climate program, and why I support Irish organic small business suppliers whenever possible.

What I care about

Humane Technology

If you feel the power of the internet has led to division, distraction and manipulation, I strongly suggest you check out the work at the Center for Humane Technology which was set up to help bring together a range of people from a range of careers to build better tech.

They set up a free course to help with critical thinking and how to create systems to enable a more human and humane use of technology.

Critical Thinking

Question everything – ideally not in a combative manner, ideally free of judgement but with an open mind. Much harder to do in practise than to say!

Radical Acceptance

Taking a huge leaf from Tara Brach’s book of the same title – emotional tools to learn to be kinder to your inner self and to help be nicer to other people as well. A source for compassion and collaboration, not division, hate and being toxically hard on yourself.

The Environment

As well as signing up to Stripe’s Climate projects, in my personal life I am trying to live a more simple life. The region I moved to out here in western Ireland is very much like my homelands of the Lake District, England only with less people. Taking breaks from working on this coaching business and writing, I am (very) slowly tending to a plot of land here adding plants of colour and of edible use. Projects on the wishlist include a polytunnel to grow some food, renewable energy supply and eventually I hope to start coaching retreats.

My personal site is at www.joehendley.com if curious


Yellow sunflower head. Joe Hendley's values behind the work in coaching clients, leaders and teams in Ireland, UK & beyond
On writing with AI & ChatGPT

On writing with AI & ChatGPT

If you have read any of the news over the past few months about the quality of output from ChatGPT, you’ll know that the overall consensus is that we’re much closer to Skynet destroying humanity than ever. Never mind global warming, we’ll be wiped out by AI before we need to worry about food security

ADHD: 1 Tactic to make progress on tasks

ADHD: 1 Tactic to make progress on tasks

Tl;dr quick tip:  If you tend to hyperfocus on something and then get bored, and end up not competing much at all, one way to overcome this is to pick say 3 (but probably no more than 5) tasks you need to make progress on over a long-term period,...

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Lumina Spark Portraits

For individuals and teams

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Lumina Leader Portraits

For Business Owners, C-Suite, Directors and anyone leading a team

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Lumina Spark Team Portraits

To easily see your overall team personality.

Would hiring or moving staff based on their individual portraits provide more blance to the team and business?

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Lumina Sales Portraits

Written specifically for anyone involved with selling products and services


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