Explore your unique strengths, dismantle your personal barriers and take your next steps with confidence


Enhance your leadership skills, develop a new purposeful perspective with realigned values for your business


Develop your teams and create a collaborative, communicative and supportive culture to help your organisation innovate and grow

I Care About


From designing a tailored plan specific to your goals through to providing ongoing support once our initial time together has come to an end, I want to help you to achieve and will support you every step of the way.

On offer is not simply “life” coaching or “business” or “team” coaching as it’s impossible to separate life from work and often difficult to leave work out of life. What I offer is a hybrid blend of coaching to ensure you get what you want from working with me.

Our work together will not be limited to scheduled sessions. You will be able to contact me as and when you wish to discuss any more immediate relevant challenges.

You will leave with self-sustainable tools to use to achieve your goals. What I don’t want is for you to feel inspired to make change in sessions only to stumble over obstacles back in your world and feel frustrated.

The New Story Way

Focus on humanity

Empathy, understanding, compassion without denying the drive you have to achieve

Draw on creativity: All humanity has the ability to create yet many of us don’t use it. Whether it’s showcasing your business to investors, writing irresitible sales copy, or demonstrating your worth for a payrise, I love to help inspire others to unlock that ability to think and create

Work with me to create your new story

Proud bearded man. Coaching services offered across Ireland & UK which focuses on humanity, empathy and understanding





A step by step guide to working with me


Every good story starts with a call to action. Naturally I need to understand your story and why you want a change


We will create a tailored plan to achieve the results you desire


Over the course of our agreed time together, you will learn how to unlock your own potential


Even once you feel you’ve learned enough, you can receive ongoing support for new challenges

Sign saying "You didn't come this far to only come this far" - private coaching services for individuals across Ireland & UK

Create your own story

with creative coaching

Multi-coloured painted grid demonstrates how Lumina personality portraits can help understand behaviours across stress levels

See Your Colours

with a portrait visually showing how your behaviours and communication preferences can change depending on your levels of stress

Lumina portraits available for individuals, leaders, sales and even teams. A full suite of tools to help your business performance.

Develop Your Team

Using Lumina Portraits for every team member, help them understand themselves and their colleagues communication styles across different levels of stress. Enable them to communicate with more compassion and clarity with your diverse set of unique humans to increase their work satisfaction and effectiveness

Toy spaceman holding a flag leading a team in coaching


Free methods, tools and exercises to help you with challenges to a more balanced, rewarding life

Library of ancient books lined with busts of great thinkers. Free coaching resources and exercises from Joe Hendley Mayo Ireland